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“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.” – David Brin

We all need to be accountable for ourselves and to someone else if we want to achieve a goal.  The top 10% of individuals have someone in their life that holds them accountable.  Research shows that when someone has an accountability partner in fitness, they are 3 times more likely to achieve their goals than those people that go it alone.  At Tash Fitness, we are providing you with an accountability partner and you have an option to join a group of accountability partners.


You will be assigned an accountability partner as part of your membership at Tash Fitness.  This team member will meet with you weekly to check on the progress of your goals and help you through your journey.


Tash Fitness is very proud of the Accountability Groups they will be offering their members.  We believe in a mind/body/spirit balance to life.  If one of the 10 areas of your life is not in balance, it is important to work to bring that balance to your life.  Each group is a team of 5 – 10 members that meet weekly on each aspect of their fitness.  Goals will be written and the group will discuss the successes and challenges to help each group member become more balanced.

Proven Strategies We Use:

  • Weekly 30 minute or 10 minute one-on-one accountability sessions
  • Daily habit online check-in
  • Daily or weekly worksheets
  • Daily emails
  • Facebook check-ins
  • Group meetings

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