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Challenging, effective workouts for all body types is what we strive to accomplish while masking them as enjoyable.  Group Fitness programs are abundant, and with some many different ones to choose from, there’s always a class or program that you can really sink your teeth into and find enjoyable.


Here’s Your Chance To Try One Of Our Popular Fitness Programs In Skokie

Group Training is one of the most popular fitness programs in Skokie.  Dropping the price since there are more students in each class, you still receive the coaching needed to be successful.  Members in group training programs get the added benefit of holding one another accountable throughout class and outside of the gym while also motivating one another.  Group training allows more members to engage at a time while still being in a structured training class.

Since the group training classes are significantly larger, it is a little more difficult to offer that personalization that one would get in a semi-private or private training session.  Members signing up for group training will need to be pre-screened, since we do not allow beginners due to the lower cost being so attractive to so many clients.  Although the classes are larger, safety is still our number one focus.  That being said, Group Training may not be an option until you have “earned” the independence of not needing that personal one-on-one attention.

Benefits of Group Training

  • The training program provides many other women with similar backgrounds and fitness goals
  • Although the number of trainees is larger in Group Training than Semi-Private, each trainee has earned the right to be in the training by knowing their proper form and just need little “tweeks” for correction
  • Our FIAH coaches at Tash Wellness for Women are qualified to still look at each and every client’s safety during each particular routine
  • The cost of group training is at a reduced cost and therefore is always a great trade off when compared to the cost of personal training and semi-private training programs
  • Having more women trainees in the same group can help increase the determination and motivate you to push your limits
  • Accountability to a larger group of women may lead to improved exercise adherence

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