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Semi Private training helps build that sense of community in small groups while recognizing each member’s individual goals.  Semi-private lessons are a less expensive alternative to personal training while also working in groups and supporting one another through peer motivation and camaraderie.

2-8 women will work with one trainer in a 30 minute training session during the semi-private training classes.  These workouts may be station-to-station with a different exercise at each station, or the group may be all doing the same workout all at once.  Whichever the case may be, the skills for you individually will be specific and modified for your body to prevent injury.

Looking to work out in a group setting?  Interested in new, interactive training sessions that will help you work towards your fitness and nutritional goals?  Ready to challenge yourself?

All 8 women are there to support each other and encourage each other no matter their size, age, or experience level.

Semi-Private Training Benefits

  • Not as expensive as one-on-one training
  • Progression and regression of exercises in accordance with your level of fitness
  • Competitive spirit will kick in
  • Group camaraderie and support
  • Accountability within a group

Tash Wellness for Women in Skokie Also Offers Group Training!

Group training offers both indoor and/or outdoor classes in small groups that mix multiple levels of fitness together.  Traditional calisthenics, body weight exercises, and interval strength training workouts are all part of the group training classes!  Being in a smaller group setting, students will push themselves to new limits in a high-energy, challenging, enjoyable fitness program.

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