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Skokie Senior Fitness Classes

We have created a Senior Fitness program at TASH Fitness to increase the amount of healthy active years our seniors have as well as decreasing the odds of disease and preventing injury.  Today’s seniors are living longer, more active lives and we are here to make sure they live those to the fullest!

TASH Fitness provides education and fitness programs designed with seniors in mind to help them live comfortably.  The Senior Fitness Coach at TASH have created a curriculum with exercises that help with issues seniors face daily.

Fall Prevention

No one likes falling, and it’s especially scary for seniors.  TASH Fitness can minimize the risk of falling through a personal training program that focuses on flexibility, stability, balance, and strength.  We will also educate our seniors through a fall prevention program.

Did you know?

  • 1.5 million falls occur per year (and these are just reported falls)
  • 80% of falls go unreported
  • Over age 65, fall risk per year is 33%
  • Over age 85, fall risk is 50%
  • Risk of falling increases 300% in the year after a fall

Balance Training

Balance training should be started as soon as someone can stand and continue throughout their life.  At TASH Fitness, balance training is a key component of all our programs.  Think about all the things you do where balance is important.

Balance is something that we don’t all utilize in the age of desks.  Working on balance is something that should be practiced and worked on as soon as we can walk and continue throughout our entire lives.  Balance training at TASH Fitness is a key component to our Senior Fitness Program.  These are only some of the daily activities that require balance:

  • Getting up and down stairs
  • Getting in and out of a bath tub
  • Getting in and out of a car
  • Walking
  • Reaching for something on your toes

Cognitive Function

An active brain is the key to preventing cognitive decline.  The brain is a muscle that needs to be worked every day.  If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.  Brain function will also improve with exercise.

What is cognitive function?

  • Memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Language Skills
  • Reasoning
  • Conceptualization

Nutrition, diet, and pharmaceuticals (prescription and non) influence the brain’s function.  We recommend being tested by a physician for certain cognitive deficiencies if you believe cognitive function may be an issue.

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