I joined TashFitness in January to prepare my body for all the walking I would be doing on a three week trip to Italy in September.

On Wednesday, I did a “test run.” I was on a tour in Racine Wisconsin where I walked up and down stairs, walked all over the Johnson Wax campus and the Racine Art Museum. It was about four hours of walking.
I would not have been able to do it in January. But it went really well for me. I was not out of breath and I kept up with the group.
The next day I was at my 10:30 AM Fitness class with you and I was fine!
I am really looking forward to Italy because by September I will be in even better shape!
Thank you for all you have done for me!

Sharon D. (Deerfield)

I don’t know about all of you, but unless you’re already in shape or a size 6, walking into a “gym, health club, Y or any other co-Ed” fitness venue is uncomfortable at best.  That is so NOT TRUE when you walk into Tash. The studio is lovely, clean, and the team is educated and compassionate.   Sharan is there to make your health and life better.  The workout routines are varied, challenging and effective.   I have been going for about 6 weeks, and I can honestly say, I feel better.   If I did everything I was told to do, I would feel great, but that’s on me, not on Tash.  If you’re a woman, thinking I’m too old, too out of shape, or thinking I know I should, give Tash a call.  Your heart, mind and body will thank you.

-Paula S. (Morton Grove)

I realized I was surrendering my joy to feeling old. I actually stooped! I was overweight, lacking energy, achy and weak. Sharan spoke directly to helping this definitely over-55 female feel strong again. First, results. After only 3 months my posture is better. I walk up and down stairs without having to pull myself. I have lost weight. My body feels like me again. Second, I can talk to Sharan about anything. Like me, she’s been through everything. Unlike me, she’s educated herself in solutions for decades. I love the class. Sharan has a different plan for us every time. I never look at the clock wishing it was over. And I’m getting results : increasing my strength, defining my midriff, even my granny arms are receding!

-Rebecca B. (Skokie)

I live right around the corner from Tash Wellness for Women, as I quickly get on the road to head to work or school, I always saw this place on the way.  Only from the outside, I was able to tell how well put together the facility was.  Once I got some time, I passed by the facility and took a picture of the outside to make sure that I had the name down correctly.  I searched Tash Wellness for Women online and saw nothing but great services and information for the members/future members(myself included!)  I submitted an email to receive a consultation and BOOM! Just like that, I received a phone call and my quick questions were answered.  I then met with Sharan at the facility and got a tour of the facility and began to discuss my fitness goals and the different ways that she would be able to help me reach those goals and go above and beyond with them.  She gave me an amazing descriptive explanation of everything that Tash Wellness for Women has to offer and how they would help me.  She showed me the scheduling and it was clear that she cares about anyone who steps into her facility much more than giant gyms that just want to suck money out of you. Her prices are very reasonable and I cannot wait to begin! 🙂

-Besjana M. (Skokie)

-Nancy C. (Des Plaines)

I love my workouts at Tash Wellness for Women! The team is impressively knowledgeable about the interplay between body mechanics and fitness equipment. They really understand my particular needs and issues as a senior who has not been in the greatest physical shape. They are always changing routines in my semi-private training sessions and are custom-designed to push me gently beyond my comfort zone but not to the point of injury – and as a result I come away feeling increasingly stronger, YOUNGER!, and free of formerly nagging joint pains.

-Diane V. (Evanston)

There is exercise and there is exercise.  Sharan understands the difference.  Whoever her client is, it is personalized just for them.  When I started with Sharan, my first comments to her were, “I don’t exercise, and more importantly, I don’t sweat.”   I have had a bad back for years, and anytime there was any exercise that involved moving my back- I would immediately freeze and continue not to do anything.  Sharan assured me, that NOTHING she would do with me would injure my back.  We started very slow building up my core (to support my back- who knew), and learning how to breathe when exercising. (I had previously failed breathing 101.).  It was 6 weeks, and many different versions, before I finally felt comfortable and trusting of Sharan.  Sharan’s passion is health and fitness.  She can work with ANYONE, and be successful.  I completely endorse her, and am thrilled that she has opened Tash Wellness for Women, a place for her to work, and nurture women of all ages, shapes and sizes, to health and wellness.

-Marcy G. (Morton Grove)

Sharan, your gym is by far the best one I have ever attended.  Your personal touches and attention make all the difference. Thank you for being so supportive, I am feeling a lot better about working out. I actually look forward to coming to exercise. I trust your expertise and you constantly updating your skills to pass them on to us. I really appreciate the way you challenge me to rise to my potential in a comfortable, safe environment.  As a middle age overweight women it is easy to give up.  You have given me the confidence to succeed when I never thought it was possible.  I am feeling strong again-thank-you!!

-Marcie B. (Chicago)

Susan S. (Northbrook)

-Devorah H. (Chicago)

-Teresa M (Morton Grove)


-Sarah Brandes

-Rita DiVito

-Melissa Cohen

-Donna Brown

-Angie Hankes

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