TRX Suspension Training Classes

Tash Wellness for Women has earned the honor as a Premier TRX Facility, and Sharan has the distinction of being recognized as a TRX Team Certified Coach which is only given to the top 1% of all trainers.

TRX Suspension Training workouts provide participants with a brand new way of working out and provides them with a totally different workout that their bodies won’t be familiar with, making the workout that much more effective. TRX Suspension Training helps build strength, balance, flexibility, and works every core muscle in your body…all at the same time!  TRX pits gravity and the user’s body weight against the student in hundreds of different exercises.

TRX workouts are used in professional sports like the NFL, NBA, and many collegiate programs.  TRX is a SAFE way to improve fitness and keep workouts engaging and exciting. Without the use of weights, the workouts can be adjusted for the student’s personal strength and body weight safely.

What Is Suspension Training?

These workouts provide a new unique workout experience where the student’s body weight and gravity are used as the main resistance factors.  The movements are almost all done with the students hands or feet anchored to a strap or single point while the other half of the body is in contact with the ground.  This single point anchor provides a variety of movements and allows for the freedom of strength training, endurance training, balance, coordination, flexibility, and core stability.  Workouts can be as intense as the person wants them to be with just a few quick adjustments.

Benefits of Suspension Training


Functional movements play an integral part in the TRX regimen and help build core strength in each workout.  Rather than lying on the ground like most traditional ab workouts, TRX and the RIP Trainer utilizes dynamic positions to increase the resistance and power of the workout.


TRX bands can be set up in a variety of locations, and the exercises are practically endless.  TRX suspension training is a great tool to help you achieve your fitness and personal health goals.


Our body was built to move in multiple planes of motion simultaneously.  With traditional weight machines, movement becomes relatively binary, limiting our range of motion throughout the workout.  Suspension Training provides the multiple-plane workout that the body needs to stay engaged.

The TRX Team

The TRX training camp is designed particularly for small groups engaging any fitness level, any size, any age and any goal.  It is a fun, energetic multi-week training camp with your goals in mind.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone those muscles, build endurance, or just move more comfortably, everyone can benefit from the hands-on workouts and the know-how from Sharan Tash, a TRX Certified Team Coach.

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